Renowned for our expertise in developing bespoke material and design solutions, Rino Mastrotto stands as a trusted partner for our clients. With our cutting-edge research, trend scouting capabilities, and commitment to sustainable innovation, we stay at the forefront of delivering customised solutions. By combining our extensive expertise with a customer-centric approach, we create tailored services and products that set industry standards and surpass expectations. Get in touch with our team today to explore the limitless possibilities for customisation and discover how we can transform your vision into reality.

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  • Special embossing technologies for luxury leather goods and the automotive market
  • Hot embossing of textures and custom graphics for leather, textiles, and special technical material for leather goods
  • Leather pressing lamination technology for special metallic effects
  • Latest cutting-edge technologies
  • Dedicated customer service and design teams
  • High-frequency welding for embossing and debossing effects with foam integration
  • CNC and laser cutting, perforation and etching
  • Digital printing: water-based and with eco-solvent
  • Digital printing with UV technology
  • Serigraphy printing technology
  • Tampolamina technology for special prints and design effects
  • Blended techniques for unmatched leather design customisation
  • Heat transfer technique
  • Automated shading process applied to finished or semi-finished products

MoreLab was created with the purpose of expanding the range of services offered by integrating the traditional embossing process with cutting-edge technological solutions, streamlining the production process, and ensuring uniformity. MoreLab provides a comprehensive suite of services, including laser engraving and cutting, relief printing, matt or gloss finishes, silkscreen, pad and high-frequency printing, and heat-sealable finishing. Working in synergy with all the companies and divisions that comprise the parent company, MoreLab serves as a vibrant hub where designers can discover inspiration for their projects, develop innovative ideas for their collections, and access tailor-made solutions and services that cater to their creative requirements.

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