Rino Mastrotto’s firm commitment to sustainability sets a pioneering standard in the tanning industry. We have harnessed the power of the circular economy, by cultivating the tradition of regenerating an organic material made by nature and by promoting one of the oldest circular economies in the world, benefitting customers, the planet and future generations.

Our philosophy is to eliminate waste at every stage of our production process. At Elmo, in 2021, we implemented the industry-leading ‘ECO’-model, which enables zero process waste, ensuring that none of our waste ends up in landfills. This initiative, the first ever 100% circular manufacturing process in our industry, establishes our distinctive ‘Zero Waste Leather’ value proposition, setting us apart within the industry.

In 2022, through internal benchmark- and sustainability-driven innovation, we went further and introduced the pioneering ‘B-Circular’ model at our Brusarosco plant. By facilitating upcycling, recycling and energy recovery for all our process waste we have extended our trailblazing ‘Zero Waste Leather’ concept and, as of today, the Brusarosco plant achieves a staggering upcycling rate of over 90%.

Our distinguished ‘Zero Waste Leather’ proposition represents a high-performing, beautiful, and fully biodegradable end-product that not only aligns with our environmental objectives but also contributes to reducing the CO2 footprint. By virtue of the extended product life expectancy of leathers and our unique 100% circular manufacturing process, our ‘Zero Waste Leather’ solution significantly reduces carbon emissions.

As we gradually adopt these industry-leading models across all our production sites, we wholeheartedly embrace their founding principles, integrating them into all our companies’ best practices.

As part of our quest to facilitate ‘Zero Waste’ and circular solutions for our customers, we launched the ground-breaking ‘Sec0nda Vita’ concept in 2023. ‘Sec0nda Vita’ is the next generation of premium bonded leather, a new and unprecedented upcycling proposition based on by-products from the automotive leather supply chain.

Originating in innovation and sustainability, ‘Sec0nda Vita’ elevates your sustainable options with a truly circular offering that provides traceability and up to 70% of leather by-product and recycled material content.

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