Research and innovation are intricately connected with environmental sustainability and technological advancements.

We have strategically structured our operations into specialised divisions that not only uphold the highest quality standards consistently but also foster a culture of collaboration and cross-industrial innovation. Each of our divisions, unique in their expertise, collaborates closely with the others, enabling us to meet your expectations in remarkable ways. Through interconnected benchmarking, knowledge sharing, and exploration of diverse perspectives, we go beyond competitive boundaries to deliver superior products that match your distinct needs and desires.

The various capabilities of our companies generate unrivalled synergy, providing you with significant value and custom-tailored solutions. Our collective expertise enables us to meet your unique demands and anticipate evolving trends, further reinforcing our commitment to innovation and excellence.

infusing a
sustainable perspective
into our R&D process

By integrating a sustainable mindset and solid Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data, we make certain that our processes and the products we create for you reflect a strong commitment to the environment. Actively exploring and implementing bio-based tanning solutions, lightweight value propositions, as well as Glutaraldehyde-free leather, we are reducing not only our carbon footprint but also yours, as we jointly embrace eco-friendly practices. Being an industry leader in sustainability, we also introduced the pioneering ‘Zero Waste Leather’ concept with 100% circular manufacturing, eliminating all forms of waste through upcycling, recycling, and energy recovery.

As part of ‘Zero Waste Leather’ we recently launched ‘Sec0nda Vita’ next-generation premium bonded leather, a new and unprecedented upcycling proposition based on by-products from the automotive leather supply chain. For us, ‘made by nature and crafted for luxury’ means authentic and durable material solutions. We generate products designed to not only last but age gracefully, providing you with superior, timeless value.

Our Innovation
in sustainability

  • Sustainable and industry-leading ‘Zero Waste Leather’ concept with 100% circular manufacturing
  • Sec0nda Vita next-gen premium bonded leather and upcycling proposition
  • Lightweight products that help reduce your carbon footprint
  • Bio-based tanning solutions for authentic luxury
  • Finishing systems with a high level of bio-based compound catering to a more sustainable industry
  • Release paper leather finishing system for optimised homogenic appearance and elevated material usage
  • Glutaraldehyde-free leather
  • Bisphenol-free leather
  • Solvent-free finishing systems
A specialised
innovation centre

Through our specialised innovation hub at Morelab, we provide you with a comprehensive suite of services, including laser engraving and cutting, relief printing, matt or gloss finishes, silkscreen, automated shading, and heat transfer techniques.

In harmony with all the companies and divisions within our parent company, we focus on our customers. Our services are geared towards sparking inspiration, nurturing innovative ideas, and providing bespoke solutions that meet your creative needs.

Continuous technological advancement enables us to effectively manage environmental impact and enhance workplace safety within our production facilities, factors that are integral to our operational strategy and that reflect our commitment to serving you in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Our Innovation
in services

  • Special embossing technologies for luxury leather goods and the automotive market
  • Hot embossing of textures and custom graphics for leather, textiles, and special technical material for leather goods
  • Leather pressing lamination technology for special metallic effects
  • Latest cutting-edge technologies
  • High-frequency welding for embossing and debossing effects with foam integration
  • CNC and laser cutting, perforation and etching
  • Digital printing with UV technology
  • Serigraphy printing technology
  • Tampolamina technology for special prints and design effects
  • Next generation digital printing machine with eco-solvent
  • Automated shading process applied to finished or semi-finished products
  • Completely new and highly efficient machinery