Responsible practices

Prioritising Employee

We focus on the continual growth and career advancement of our employees, as demonstrated by the fact that 97% of our staff are on permanent contracts. This approach fosters a supportive atmosphere for professional and personal development, benefitting both the individual and the company. Our senior management teams, entirely comprised of locals from respective company locations, anchor us firmly in the communities we serve. Furthermore, several of them started their professional journey on the production floor, embodying the growth opportunities available.

We regularly organise bespoke training activities, covering health and safety, management systems, quality, and environmental management, enhancing our personnel’s skills and facilitating individual growth opportunities. Moreover, our Swedish company Elmo operates an Academy that provides customer-centric training, catering to individual needs.

Fostering diversity,
equity and inclusion

The Group strictly adheres to highly professional and objective standards, ensuring a fair and impartial hiring process, actively promoting an environment free from discrimination based on age, sex, sexual orientation, race, language, nationality, political opinions, and religious beliefs. We strive to cultivate a work environment marked by cooperation and shared respect. We extend this commitment beyond our employees to encompass all contributors to our value chain.

A comprehensive approach
to employee well-being

In cultivating our dedication to employee well-being, we aim to promote a balanced work-life dynamic that fosters productivity. To this end, we put in place various initiatives and arrangements to ensure employee satisfaction, thereby promoting employee loyalty.
We offer company canteen services at all production sites. This is complemented by financial aid for food purchases in Brazil and meal bonuses at the Brusarosco de México site. We also place significant emphasis on employee training. This is especially true in Brazil, at the production plant in Bermas, where we offer primary and secondary education courses in cooperation with local companies.

Other welfare actions aimed at increasing the participation and involvement of women in work activities were also held here. In recognition of our efforts, the Brazilian production unit was awarded Great Place to Work® certification in 2022. In addition, we demonstrate our commitment to the general well-being of employees by prioritising health and medical services for all workers. At our Elmo site, for example, we incentivise physical health by subsidising gym or other physical activity memberships, thereby reducing absenteeism attributable to health problems. Elsewhere, as in Mexico, we set up a bonus system for punctuality and attendance. Through these measures, we strive to create a favourable, healthy, and motivating working environment in all our global locations.

Building Stronger

We actively contribute to the growth of society and the communities in which we operate, focusing on sports sponsorships and activities that promote the personal development of young people. Our involvement with Hockey Trissino exemplifies our commitment, as we support the club and local training schools. Additionally, we extend our support to communities abroad, such as our collaboration with the Associação Estação da Luz in Brazil, known for innovative projects benefitting vulnerable families. Furthermore, Elmo’s long-standing support for WaterAid reflects our dedication to improving lives by addressing water challenges and advocating for sustainable health policies.

Code of Ethics
and Conduct

As we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct, we have established a comprehensive Code of Ethics and Conduct that guides our actions and decisions, ensuring integrity, fairness, and responsibility in all aspects of our operations. This expectation also extends to our supply chain. In fact, we ask all our suppliers of raw materials and services to abide by our own Code of Ethics and Conduct, acceptance of which is a prerequisite to partnering with the group. With this code as our compass, we strive to build a sustainable and ethical future, inspiring trust in our customers, partners, and stakeholders.

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