Animal welfare

Leading the Way
in Ethical Certification

Crafting fine leather requires the skilled and respectful hands of dedicated farmers who care for the animals from birth. At Rino Mastrotto, we exclusively source hides from cattle raised for food purposes.

We rigorously adhere to national and international animal welfare standards, including those set by the World Organization for Animal Health, by implementing stringent methods and procedures.

Moreover, we require that each and every one of our raw material suppliers wholeheartedly commit to upholding six animal welfare freedoms, outlined in our Code of Ethics and Conduct, without exception.

— Freedom from hunger and thirst.
— Freedom from discomfort.
— Freedom from pain, injuries and disease.
— Freedom to express their natural behaviour.
— Freedom from fear and stress.
— Freedom from experimentation.

In 2021, Brusarosco became one of the first tanneries in the world to obtain the ethical claim certification “We recover our hides from the food chain”, issued by ICEC. Since then, several of our other production sites have joined us in achieving this goal. This certification not only highlights our commitment to circularity but also emphasises the important role we play in responsibly utilising by-products in our industry. We strive to set an example as pioneers in ethical leather production. For this reason, we collaborate with partners who share our dedication to animal welfare and ensure that the production processes of our suppliers respect the full well-being of the animals involved.

the Value
of Every Hide

Our work is to enhance a by-product derived exclusively from the meat or dairy industry. While acknowledging the origins of our raw material, we deeply value the inherent worth of each hide. As part of our unwavering commitment to animal welfare, we take into account the physiological, ethological, and psychological well-being of the animals.
We maintain strict standards for our suppliers, insisting on sourcing exclusively from ethically managed farms that adhere to internationally recognised principles. Furthermore, our dedication to craftsmanship is intertwined with our mission to elevate the value of each hide, reflecting our deep respect for the animals and the inherent beauty they possess.

Transparency and
Responsible Sourcing
of Our Raw Materials

The growing demand for transparency extends to our rigorous control measures, ensuring knowledge of the origin of our raw materials, including the hides, slaughterhouses, and farms they come from. We collaborate with renowned control bodies, such as the Certification Institute for the Leather Sector (ICEC), to ensure traceability back to the farm, providing our customers with raw hides that are both responsibly sourced and traceable.
Our focus lies in predominantly acquiring raw hides from Europe and processing them within our certified tanneries, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and ethical practices throughout the supply chain. As of today, several of our plants have already achieved ICEC certification in traceability back to the farm, with an ‘Excellent’ rating up to the place(s) of breeding.

our journey

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