Resource preservation

Unleashing Potential:
Maximising Utilisation
and Durability

At Rino Mastrotto, we take paramount care to ensure that no hides are wasted or end up being scrapped, by upcycling a by-product from the food industry to an authentic and beautiful material. Leveraging synergies between different sites and business units, we excel in refining each hide into the most suitable and optimised end product. This ability to find the perfect match for every hide is further enhanced by our expertise in craftsmanship, where we seamlessly interlink our processes, creating beautiful and sustainable leathers.

Moreover, many of our plants are full-cycle tanneries, adding to our resource preservation efforts and optimisation capability. By embracing a holistic approach, we not only minimise waste but also extend the lifespan of our end products. Our commitment to durability is evident in the production of exceptionally long-lasting materials. We believe in creating products that stand the test of time, reducing the need for frequent replacements and contributing to sustainable consumption patterns and thereby a lower overall CO2 footprint.

Renewable Energy
from a Star

At Rino Mastrotto, we are committed to clear objectives, including the exclusive procurement of electricity from renewable sources. For several years, multiple production sites within our organisation have successfully operated on 100% renewable electricity. By the end of 2023, all of our major facilities will rely solely on non-depleting renewable sources for the electricity supplied by the grid, ensuring a more sustainable energy footprint.

But our dedication goes beyond that; we have made further investments. In 2023, three of our factories have implemented their own photovoltaic systems, collectively generating up to 1.8 Megawatts of clean energy. By harnessing self-produced solar power, we aim to enhance our autonomy and self-sufficiency, while guaranteeing a renewable and environmentally safe energy source that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps protect the air, water, and soil from pollution.

Beyond the Elemental:
Water Conservation

We recognise the paramount importance of safeguarding water and minimising consumption. Water serves as a vital resource in producing the finest leathers, and our conscious management of this precious resource aligns with our commitment to a circular economy framework, characterised by precise and ambitious objectives. To ensure uncompromising quality, efficiency, and resilience, we have made substantial investments in advanced technologies, elevating the performance of our facilities. Four of our tanneries boast proprietary wastewater purification plants that adhere to the strictest standards, while our Brusarosco plant has been awarded the LWG Gold certification.

Notably, at Elmo, we achieve excellence by responsibly borrowing surface water from a nearby river. After purification through our state-of-the-art, highly efficient biological plant, the water is returned to its source in the same or better condition, embodying our dedication to sustainability. Downstream, a regional cleaning facility mixes the water from the river with groundwater and further filters it, supplying cities on the Swedish West Coast with clean drinking water.

Mastering Chemical
Compliance through
Effective Management

At Rino Mastrotto, we have emerged as frontrunners also in reducing the use of hazardous chemicals across our products and manufacturing processes. Aligning with the holistic approach of ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), the world’s foremost programme driving innovation and sustainable chemistry in the textile and leather sectors, we prioritise the protection of consumers, workers, and the environment through responsible practices.

In 2022, our flagship Italian tannery Basmar catering to the ‘Luxury Creation’ segment became an active participant in the ZDHC Supplier to Zero programme, achieving in 2023 the ‘Progressive’ level and cementing our position as a trailblazer. We are actively extending this programme to our other tanneries, driving sustainable practices across our operations.

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