A family business
with roots dating back to
the late fifties

Since its establishment in 1998, Rino Mastrotto has stood on the foundations of a family-owned enterprise with roots extending back to the late 1950s. Its name has evolved throughout the years to become an internationally recognised symbol of excellence, extending its reach from its Italian roots to global markets.

The group has mastered the full cycle of tanning – from the discerning procurement of premier raw materials to the creation of an extensive, specialised product line tailored to satisfy the diverse needs of the market.

By integrating bespoke services with a deep-rooted commitment to research and innovation, we continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our clientele setting new benchmarks for excellence in the luxury industry.

Today our capabilities extend beyond mere leather production, as we have gradually expanded our sphere of influence in high-end textile manufacturing and bespoke services. This evolution has seen us transcend our original role as a product supplier to become a strategic partner for the world of luxury, integral to our clients' success.


Rino's father Arciso buys the Aurora Tannery and enters the leather industry.


The Mastrotto brothers set up the Basmar tannery and entrust its management to Rino Mastrotto.


Other first-class tanneries are acquired to expand the offering of top-quality leather:

Pomari, producing leather goods for the luxury industry; Calbe - Brusarosco, dedicated to the premium interior design and automotive business; Galassia, specialised then in leather for high-end fashion and later focused on premium suede splits.


The Rino Mastrotto Group is created from the merger of the various firms into one large manufacturing company.


Bermas L.t.d.a., a new production site specialising in leather for the interior design and automotive industries, is established in Brazil to serve the world market.

Basmar achieves ISO 14001 certification.


The Rino Mastrotto Group issues its first Environmental Report.


The group strategically acquires Elmo Leather, a Swedish company renowned as a pioneering sustainability leader in its industry, to include another top-tier brand in its portfolio.


The Brusarosco and Elmo sites perform their first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies to evaluate the environmental performance of products by following the Cradle to Gate approach.


Launch of the first lightweight leather concept by Elmo, enabling carbon footprint reduction for the automotive industry.


The Rino Mastrotto Group diversifies its share capital by welcoming private equity investor, NB Renaissance, as a stakeholder.

A full Sustainability report is released.


The group takes over Nuova Osba, a long-standing flagship of the Tuscan tanning district, to strengthen its presence in the luxury footwear sector.

The group achieves a 100% renewable energy supply at Elmo.

The four Italian tanneries of the parent company (Basmar, Pomari, Brusarosco and Galassia) rely solely on non-depleting renewable sources for the electricity supplied by the grid.

Brusarosco introduces the innovative, sustainable leather proposition B-Zeotech, enabling a reduction in water and chemical consumption.


To fortify its standing in the U.S. market, the Rino Mastrotto Group incorporates Carroll Leather into its portfolio, marking a pivotal milestone in its expansion strategy.

Implementation of the unique Elmo Circular Operating (ECO) model – the industry leading ‘Zero Waste Leather’ concept is introduced.

ICEC certification based on the Ethical claim “We recover our hides from the food chain" is issued for Brusarosco.


Tuscany-based MoreLab joins the group, broadening bespoke services in advanced printing, customisation, and leather processing.

The group acquires Tessitura Oreste Mariani, and for the first time expands its offering to include high-end textile products and processes for the luxury industry.

Brusarosco introduces its ground-breaking B Circular model and thereby the group consolidates the trailblazing ‘Zero Waste Leather’ concept.

In the same year, Brusarosco is granted Gold Certification by LWG and attains ICEC Certification on ‘Traceability back to farm’ with an ‘Excellent’ rating.


Elmo also obtains ICEC Certification on ‘Traceability back to farm’ with an ‘Excellent’ rating.

Basmar achieves the ‘Progressive’ Level in the Supplier to Zero programme of ZDHC demonstrating its leadership in chemical management.

We are a strategic partner for the luxury world and an integral part of our customers’ success

As a global leader in leather production, and increasingly in textiles and bespoke services, Rino Mastrotto continues to reinforce its strategic role within the luxury industry, while pioneering sustainability and driving the transition towards a more responsible future.