Savoir faire

Our artisanal craftsmanship
is inspired by our rich heritage

We embrace the essence of artisanal craftsmanship, remaining true to our rich heritage while focusing on the future. We strive to create products that withstand the test of time, offering you enduring value while minimising our environmental impact responsibly. Your unique vision is at the heart of our approach. Our dedicated team, renowned for its design capabilities, will turn your ideas into tangible, innovative solutions.

We believe in the power of partnership, and to that end, we stay actively engaged in open and constructive communication throughout the entire design process. By seeking to deeply understand your specific needs, we provide constant support and deliver tailored solutions that will meet even your most intricate and complex challenges.

A Commitment to Quality
and Technical Performance
that Stands the Test of Time

Our specialised divisions explore international trends, manufacturing techniques, and market dynamics to provide you with a diverse array of options, spanning from classic to minimalist, elegant to fashion-forward. Beyond aesthetics, our commitment extends to delivering authentic luxury with exceptional technical performance that withstands stringent tests and quality controls.

Leveraging Rino Mastrotto's extensive knowledge and experience, we offer you a broad range of leathers, from pure natural aniline to technical leathers designed for challenging environments. Your evolving needs guide our response to market trends, fuelling our innovative colouring techniques, treatments, and exclusive product lines.

by Nature
for luxury
Nourishing your
senses and inspiring

Our dedicated team
will turn your ideas
into tangible, innovative solutions.


Our goal is to create products, made by nature and crafted for luxury, that evoke emotion and nourish the senses, inspire imagination, and fulfil the desires of our most demanding customers. Believing that excellence is rooted in sustainable practices, we curate the creative process that elevates the very essence of luxury, leaving an indelible mark on the world of craftsmanship.

our journey

Innovation - A sustainable mindset