Our pledge

A future where luxury
and sustainability
genuinely coexist

Rino Mastrotto Group stands as a collective of distinguished brands, committed to pioneering a future where luxury and sustainability genuinely coexist. We are at the forefront of our industry, steadfastly committed to upcycling bio-based materials, championing ethical sourcing, adhering to zero-waste processes, and spearheading sustainable innovation. For us, sustainability is embedded in our identity.

Our actions are guided by three essential pillars: ’Truth’, ‘Transparency’, and ‘Trustworthiness’.

Is the cornerstone of our sustainability journey. We believe in providing accurate and reliable information to our stakeholders, empowering them to make informed choices.

Is our way of operating. Certified traceability back to the farm with ‘Excellent’ rating and a virtuous supply chain are the tangible result of an ethos of responsibility embraced throughout the group.

Is the culmination of our efforts. We understand that trust is earned through consistent choices and actions. We aim to build long-lasting relationships, knowing that the trust we foster today will pave the way for a balanced and responsible future.

Our pledge is to redefine luxury by putting sustainability at the core of all we do, leading the way to a balanced and responsible future.

Pathways to Decarbonisation

We are decarbonising leather products and processes by implementing sustainable practices to minimise carbon emissions throughout the supply chain. This includes adopting renewable energy sources for tanneries, reducing water consumption through efficient processes, and implementing recycling and waste management programmes. Moreover, by promoting alternative tanning methods that require fewer chemicals and energy, we can significantly decrease the carbon footprint. Emphasising responsible sourcing of raw materials, preferably from eco-friendly and regenerative farming, and encouraging the use of alternative bio-based chemicals can further contribute to decarbonisation efforts. Collaboration between industry stakeholders, technological advancements, and heightened consumer awareness are key to achieving a low-carbon future for leather production.

Roadmap to climate neutrality for ‘Automotive & Mobility’ and ‘Interior Design’ business units

Rino Mastrotto as a group, including ‘Luxury Creations’ and the ‘Bespoke’ business units, pledges to reach climate neutrality for ‘Product’ by 2040 and for ‘Organisation’ by 2050

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