Anchored in Italy’s renowned design culture, Rino Mastrotto serves the high-end upholstery and furnishings industry with distinction, catering to both the residential and public spaces market. Our approach harmoniously combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies to produce premium leather materials, enhancing both the aesthetics and function of luxury interiors. Our capacity to provide tailor-made services ensures a personalised approach while upholding our commitment to sustainability. Facilitating unique synergies and setting industry standards, we continue to solidify our strategic role, delivering exceptional value to the world of interior design.

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  • Stock concept of 300 colours
  • Luxury aniline and semi-aniline value propositions
  • Custom colours
  • No minimum quantities applying Elmo’s unique stock concept
  • Quick deliveries within 1 - 2 days applying Elmo’s unique stock concept
  • International fire certifications for various applications
  • In-house labs for testing of both customer-specific and generic technical specifications
  • Leather training for supply chain
  • Leather care products for long life durability
  • Animal welfare 6 freedoms and ICEC certified traceability back to farm with ‘Excellent’ rating
  • Ethical claim certification “We recover our hides from the food chain”, issued by ICEC
  • Excelling, and an industry benchmark, in air emission reduction (VOC)
  • 100% renewable on energy at Elmo
  • Sustainable and industry leading ‘Zero Waste Leather’ concept
  • 100% circular manufacturing & 0% process waste to landfill
  • LCA cradle-to-gate (core and upstream) on product and process level verified by DNV


  • Industry leading approach & cutting-edge technology
  • Evolved management system fully integrated with production planning & traceability system
  • One of the largest stocking inventories in the US
  • High capacity for production and cutting operations managed by lean-thinking methodology
  • Strategic location for logistics and sourcing hides in South America at Bermas
  • Wet blue, crust, finishing and cutting plant equipped with roller press technology with RFID nesting system, lamination and perforation machines, and decorative sewing at Bermas
  • In-house lab for testing of both customer-specific and generic technical specifications at Bermas
  • 100% electric energy from renewable sources at Bermas
  • High-efficiency internal water treatment plant at Bermas

Home of the group’s headquarters, Rino Mastrotto is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of fine leathers in the upholstery and high-end interior design sector. Backed by a long tanning tradition, Rino Mastrotto has established itself by combining craftsmanship and continuous research in technology and sustainable innovation. Total quality, constant reliability and a personalised approach have enabled the company to distinguish itself not only for the aesthetic and functional value of its offerings but also for the strategic consultancy and new product development services it is able to propose and realise for its customers.

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Acquired by Rino Mastrotto at the end of 2023, Imatex is a leading manufacturer of jacquard fabrics sold worldwide. Born out of a solid family tradition, it develops fabrics with a high creative and technological content and guarantees impeccable quality and service. Founded in 1960 by Attilio and Luigi Fumagalli, it has followed a path of continuous growth that has allowed it to expand in size and to operate internationally while maintaining a qualitative supremacy in the textile sector for high-end furnishing and interior design. Today Imatex comprises more than 90 employees, 4 factories and 2 fully automated warehouses. The constant search for a product that is qualitatively and aesthetically in step with the times, entirely produced in Italy, has made Imatex a first-rate industrial group, very attentive to regulations concerning the safety and protection of workers and the environment.

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Established in 1931, Elmo is acclaimed for its production of high-quality leather by specialising in aniline and semi-aniline leather propositions, catering primarily to the automotive and furniture sectors across more than 40 global markets. It is renowned for its state-of-the-art research and development department, dedicated to the continuous development of innovative products, and for its in-house laboratory which ensures rigorous testing and the maintenance of impeccable product quality control. Furthermore, its inventory of readily available products is unrivalled and constitutes a matchless benchmark in the market for both the interior design and automotive segments.

Operating from its base in Svenljunga, Sweden, Elmo has been at the forefront of sustainability in the industry since the 1980s, driving the industry by switching from solvent-based coatings to water-based coatings and excelling in air emission reduction. Elmo has also introduced a fully circular manufacturing process that eliminates all process waste through upcycling, recycling, and energy recovery. This approach has led to the introduction of the pioneering and industry-leading ’Zero Waste Leather’ concept, marking a notable innovation in sustainable production practices. With an ‘Excellent’ rating up to the place(s) of breeding, Elmo also achieved the ICEC certification of traceability back to the farm in 2023. Additionally, it responsibly sources surface water from a nearby river, purifies it through a highly efficient biological plant and returns it to its source in an equal or improved condition. Downstream, a regional cleaning facility further filters the water, supplying cities on the Swedish West Coast with clean drinking water.

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With a history spanning over 40 years, Carroll Leather has built a reputation for providing superior quality leather hides for the interior design market in the US, including furniture, contract, and hospitality. As a proud member of the Rino Mastrotto Group, Carroll Leather now leverages the group’s extensive resources and global reach, enabling it to offer its clientele an expanded range of bespoke products and solutions.

This strategic partnership also allows Rino Mastrotto to establish a strong presence in North America, further enhancing its ability to cater to the diverse needs of customers worldwide. Boasting one of the largest stocking inventories in the US, the company’s Purely Protected® leathers have spurred significant growth in residential and hospitality leather sales across the US, making Carroll a preferred supplier for customers who demand superior quality leathers with expedient delivery.

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