As the benchmark for leather production for the luxury industry, we are at the centre of a sustainable revolution. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability is reflected in the combination of fine craftsmanship and responsible innovation. This synergy allows us to offer products that not only represent the best of the Italian art of tanning, but also reflect a rigorous commitment to sustainable practices. Our approach is based on a careful selection of materials, favouring ethical and sustainable sources.


We are pioneers in upcycling and technologies that reduce environmental impact, promoting a conscious and respectful product life cycle. Innovation is the cornerstone of our strategy. Collaborating with prestigious designers and brands allows us to explore new frontiers in the creation of luxury leather goods, where beauty is combined with responsibility. This path has allowed us to establish partnerships based on mutual trust and shared sustainability goals. At Rino Mastrotto, the concept of sustainable craftsmanship is not just an abstract idea, but a tangible reality that we shape every day.


For more information on our vision and commitment to sustainability, discover all our initiatives for 2023 in the Sustainability section of our website.

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