Rino Mastrotto exhibits at Pitti 106 with Metamorfosi

On the occasion of the next edition of Pitti Uomo from 11 to 14 June, Rino Mastrotto will present ‘Metamorfosi’, a creative area within its exhibition space that celebrates art by transforming traditional perspectives into new visions.

Metamorfosi is symbolic of our commitment to exploring new narratives and applications of leather, advocating an approach that respects both tradition and innovation.

Among the guests of honour, we will have Francesco Murano, known for his unique pieces such as the bodice worn by Katy Perry, who will be present during all four days. Next to him, on the first day of the event, Matteo Caparrini, a third-generation artisan, will demonstrate the creation of handmade trainers. On 12 June, Luca Barcellona, a master of modern calligraphy, will create a live work. Finally, on 13 June, Sara Vaccaro – VHRO, a painter and graphic designer, will work on small leather goods in our space.

Our goal at Pitti Uomo is to push the conventional boundaries of the industry, showing how art and craftsmanship can infuse magic and uniqueness into the materials we work with every day. This event will be a unique opportunity to interact with artists and discover their art and craft up close.

In the words of CEO Matteo Mastrotto, “Metamorphosis wants to tell the story of possible transformations, both in terms of material and in terms of telling the story of the leather world. The term indicates a passage of form in which the original identity remains unchanged. It is a concept that also well describes our company path, which has seen us change through the acquisition of textile production and service companies, moving away from our main business of leather, while keeping our roots firmly in place.”

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